Portuguese Water Dog, PWD, Portie Puppies in Buffalo, NY

All current puppies have been choosen & we don't have any left.


Why Portuguese Water Dogs?

Stella & Harold are the best dogs in the world!  The PWD breed too!  Our dogs parents and grandparents come directly from Europe, kinda cool... (PWD, Portie, Portuguese Water Dog)

Why do we breed PWDs?

You should have the best little dog buddies like us :) 

Is a PWD right for you?

Check out our YouTube page, about the breed videos, and our pics/videos.  Read the PWD site info and AKC site info.  If you want an energetic lover, a PWD may be it.


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We only want to make sure our little puppies go to a loving and good home.  We don't have a bunch of forms or intrusive questions.  However, we will make sure you know what you are getting into and we'll ask you for your word to deliver a loving home.  Lastly, if something happens and you can't keep the puppy, we'll give your money back and you can return the pup to us.

Bear Portuguese Water Dogs

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